VoltPotCoin (PoS) - Windows Wallet v1.1.1

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  • Version 1.1.1
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  • Create Date Aug 7, 2022
  • Last Updated Aug 19, 2022

VoltPotCoin (PoS) - Windows Wallet v1.1.1

This is the wallet for the latest PoS version of VoltPotCoin (VPC).

Please follow the instructions:

  1. Download the .zip file and unzip it to your preferred location on your computer
  2. Run the voltpotcoin-1.1.1-win64.exe file and follow the wizard's instructions
    If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Voltpotcoin-Qt (on Mac) or voltpotcoind/voltpotcoin-qt (on Linux)

This is a Mandatory Update

Masternodes will need to be restarted once both the masternode daemon and the controller wallet have been upgraded
Please ban for at least 1 day any connected peers running older versions as it might interfere with your wallet getting fully synced with peers already running v1.1.1. You might need to perform a "wallet repair" with a full -resync
If needed, please ask for support on official Voltpot's Discord and Telegram channels.

See-Saw Rewards Mechanism has been activated

Block rewards received by the staker and winning masternode vary based on the amount of coins held for masternodes vs amount of coins available for staking on the network. Allows for Variable rewards based on needs of the network to keep the network services (Masternodes) and the security of the network (Staking Wallets) evenly distributed.

When there are fewer as the number of masternodes rises the portion of the block reward that they earn is reduced, it increases when the number of masternodes declines.

For MacOS installation file CLICK HERE.